Star Trek 2011 DVD featuring William Shatner

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Star Trek 2011 DVD featuring William Shatner

A special treat for anyone who has ever considered themselves a Trekker!



A special treat for anyone who has ever considered themselves a Trekker!

It was a moment that was difficult to believe! When the event doors opened in both Melbourne and Sydney, and not one, but two iconic Captains of the Enterprise came strolling in to thunderous applause! One of which being none other than James T. Kirk himself: Mr William Shatner!

It was a weekend to make any Trekker drool as Mr Shatner was joined by Star Trek: Enterprise captain and Quantum Leap legend, Scott Bakula!

Joining the captains for two glorious shows in both Melbourne and Sydney were Klingon character actors Robert O’Reilly (Gowron) and JG Hertzler (Martok), who dazzled fans by posing for photos, singing, dancing and joking in their full Klingon make-up!

As an extra bonus, Trek veterans Suzie Plakson (who has played four roles in three Star Trek shows) and Lolita Fatjo (script consultant on Deep Space Nine and Next Generation) also appeared to tell a few stories and share a few laughs.

This one of a kind Souvenir DVD features full coverage of both days of this iconic Star Trek event. But as an extra added bonus, we’ve thrown in a third disc loaded with bonus footage to show just how active The Hub Productionshas been in the Trek world lately.

This must-have DVD for Trekkers includes:

DISK 1 &2: Star Trek 2011 – Sydney & Melbourne
Q&A with Robert O’Reilly and JG Hertzler.
Q&A with Suzie Plakson.
Q&A with Scott Bakula.
Q&A with William Shatner.
Highlights of a special make-up presentation by Klingon make-up artist John Paladin.
A special session with Lolita Fatjo.

Disc 3: Star Trek Adelaide 2010 & Star Trek World Premiere 2009
Q&A with Denise Crosby.
Q&A with Ethan Phillips.
Q&A with Rene Auberjonois.

Hub exclusive 20 minute interview with John Cho (Sulu).

Exclusive footage from the World Premiere of the new Star Trek film at the Sydney Opera House.

With hours upon hours of footage featuring two captains, and cast and crew from every single Star Trek series from the Original right up until the new film, this is a package that Trekkers can hardly pass up.

Proudly presented by The Hub Productions and Turncoat Studios.

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