Typical Event


The Hub Productions have been running events since 2004 and have a typical format for how their events run. Below is a typical schedule for a single day event, assuming there's more than a couple of guests.

Doors open /ticket collection/auto and photo purchase/access to merchandise
Professional Photos
Guest Question & Answer (Q&A) Session 1
Guest Q&A 2
Guest Q&A 3
Auction/raffle draw
Event Close

Doors Open

First thing in the morning is registration. This is simply when we open the doors and tickets are checked, collected and/or purchased. This process usually takes around half an hour, though it may take more depending on the size of the event. All seats are pre-assigned based on the level of ticket you have bought and the date of purchase. Therefore, the sooner you buy, the better the seats you will have!

Once you are in the venue, you are free to shop at the vendor stalls and, typically, purchase tokens for the professional photo and autograph sessions. For some events, professional photos and autographs will only be available by pre-order. It will be stated on the Tickets page of an event whether this will be the case.

When registration has been completed, attendees will be asked to take their seats in the main auditorium so that we can give the welcome speech and let you know how the day’s events will run.

Professional Photos

After the welcome speech the professional photo session will begin. Attendees are called for photos on a row by row, ticket type basis, so we ask that anyone who’s purchased a token remain in the auditorium so they do not miss their turn.

Photograph token prices are advised on the website for each guest and one token per guest in each photo is required. This means that should you wish to have more than one guest in your photo, you will need to purchase a group photo token. However, you may have more than one attendee in each photo for no additional cost. So, for example, if you wanted a photo with you and your friend with one guest, you would only need to purchase the one token. Please note that for some guests only two attendees can be in the photograph, whilst others the limit is 4 attendees, this will be advised on the website behind the pricing for each guest. Should you wish to have more attendees in the photo beyond the stated allowe Also, only one print (usually 8x12 inches in size) is included in the price, however when the autograph session commences reprints are available from the photo team. Due to contractual obligations, we cannot provide digital copies of photos.

Tokens for photographs are sold on the day of the event, though on rare occasions we will presell photographs for extremely popular guests. Be sure to check out the tickets page for further information.

Each guest has a different photograph session time, so you will probably need to come to the photo booth more than once if you want photos with multiple guests. This is a photograph opportunity, it is not a meet and greet, you are not to give gifts to the guest and there is no time for elaborate poses especially with the more popular guests, follow the directions of the staff and that of the photographer to ensure the best photograph possible.

Photos will be printed the same day and will be available for collection in the afternoon. We try to have the professional photos returned in time for the autograph sessions, however we do not guarantee this (autographs are an extra fee – see the Autographs section!).

Professional photographs are printed on site, however as we provide the upmost quality in our prints and we often have a vast number of photographs to print and therefore they are not an instantaneous pickup. Should you be unable to stay to collect your photo you can request to have it delivered to you. This is sent after the event via registered post in a flat pack envelope for the cost of $15AU.

Photograph tokens are NON REFUNDABLE and cannot be replaced should you lose them. We do not provide a refund or trade to a different guest for change of mind and if you have missed the photo session, please advise the photo booth or tokens and a pick up photo with the guest will be organised for you.

Guest Q&As

Once the photo sessions have finished, everyone will be called back into the auditorium so that the Guest's Question and Answer (Q&A) can begin. There may be one, two or more guests on stage at a time, depending on the number of guests appearing at the event. They will appear on stage to talk and answer your questions for approximately 45 minutes to an hour (again, this may change depending on the number of guests). We ask that attendees keep the questions relevant, interesting and appropriate. Some guests may wish questions to be prescreened and in these instances we will ask you to submit your questions in writing before the panel. Occasionally, at a guests request, the panel will be moderated by our MC or a third party of the guests choosing. To have a better idea of what is and is not appropriate, please check out our Etiquette guide.

Lunch & Auctions

Usually after the first Q&A we break for lunch, (though dependant of number of guests lunch may come before the first Q&A). Lunch usually lasts around half an hour or slightly longer, depending on the fullness of the day’s schedule. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or you may purchase food on the day. The Hub does not provide food, though we usually try to ensure that the venue is located within a short walk of somewhere that you can purchase food. We recommend that you look up the venue before the event to work out what will suit you best. After the lunch break we will resume with more Q&A sessions.

At each event we hold an auction. We will have specific items at the Hub Booth that you can bid on for a silent auction. The winners of these auctions are called out at the conclusion of the panels. On occasion at the conclusion of a panel the guests will auction an item specifically related to them and this will take place on stage. Proceeds from the auction go to charities such as The Starlight Foundation, Random Acts, Haemophilia Association and NKH research. Specific information regarding which charity the event is supporting will be available at our event.

Most events also host a raffle with proceeds also going to the nominated charity for that event. Tickets are available at The Hub Emporium booth and this is drawn after the last Q&A session of the day.


After the completion of all Q&As, the raffle and the auction we move onto the autograph session. Again we call people for these row by row. Tokens, typically, will be purchased in the morning but you can also do so when your row is called if tokens are still available.

Tokens are sold on a per signature basis and you are welcome to purchase more than one. However, limits may be set at a larger event and as with professional photos, autographs may only be available by pre-order at some events. It will be stated on the Tickets page of each individual event how autographs may be obtained for that event, along with all information regarding cost of tokens and possible limits.

You may bring in your own items to be signed (these must be approved by Hub staff), but if you do not have anything, the Hub provides a choice of 8x10 prints to have signed. Please note that if you choose your own item to be signed then you do not get an 8 x10 print. For certain guests each person approaching the guests table for an autograph must have a token, this will be advised with autograph pricing.

As with the photo sessions, there will be screenings in the main auditorium for your entertainment during the autograph sessions, or if you are not waiting for your row to be called, you are welcome to again peruse the vendor area or if you are not purchasing autographs feel free to leave the event.

Please note that some guests may not personalise autographs. This will be advised on the day.

Autograph tokens are NON REFUNDABLE and cannot be replaced should you lose them. We do not refund autograph tokens or trade them for a different guest for change of mind, should you have to leave before you are called into the autograph area, tokens will arrange for your autographs to be completed and they will be delivered to you. This is sent after the event via registered post in a flat pack envelope for the cost of $15AU, which you pay at the tokens desk.

Please note that due to time constraints and contractual obligations, photos during the autograph session are not permitted.

Event Close

Once the autograph session starts the main event begins to wrap up. Generally once attendees have gotten their autographs they begin to leave. Screenings of episodes occur throughout the autograph session to entertain attendees who are waiting for their turn in the autograph line. As the guests finish signing at different times and need time to prepare for flights or evening functions there is generally no farewell at the end of the event.