Special Functions

Special functions are typically (but not always) included with the VIP and Platinum tickets. Where applicable, meet and greets are only available to Platinum ticket holders and Evening Functions are available to both VIP and Platinum ticket holders. Any of these functions provide a great opportunity for attendees to have conversations with the guests outside the hustle and bustle of the event itself. Please refer to the specific ticket inclusions listed on the event page for exactly what your ticket will include.

Details such as the time and location of the special functions are emailed to ticket holders in a week prior to the event. We understand that it may cause problems releasing the information so close to the date, when many may already be travelling to an event. However, this is done to increase the security and exclusivity of the special functions. We can say that generally the evening function occurs the night before the first event of the weekend and the night of the event on the last day.

Meet and Greets

The meet and greet functions provide the chance for more one on one time with the guests. Numbers are limited with guests and attendees, this is the most intimate interaction we offer with guests.

Evening Function

There are two styles of evening function you may experience depending on the number of guests and attendees, formal or informal style functions. At both functions a range of finger food is provided, a selection of beer, wine and soft drinks are also provided (proof of age may be required) with other alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Formal Style Function

The formal style of evening function occurs when there are a larger number of guests and attendees. This style of function is configured to allow everyone with an equal opportunity to speak to all guests. Typically there will be a table of 10 attendees with one seat extra for a guest. Guests will stay at an individual table for approximately 10 minutes before being moved to another table. At which time one of the other guests with take their place. This rotation continues until each guest has spent time at all tables. Depending on the guest they may wish to stay after the rotation is complete or they may leave the function.

Informal Style Function

This style of function is usually used when there are a smaller number of attendees. This style is generally more relaxed than the formal function. Attendees and guests are invited to mingle rather than having a strict seating plan. Guests are encouraged to speak to as many attendees as possible and are generally escorted by a staff member to ensure this occurs.