General Etiquette

We've compiled a list of common convention etiquette and rules that we'd like you to follow this during a Hub event when you meet the event guests. Many conventions have similar, though often unspoken, rules for their events. If you are unsure about anything on the day, don't hesitate to ask a Hub staff member. They're there to help.

1. Do not ask for hugs or kisses. Not only is this an invasion of a guests personal space but its not fair if you get one and everyone else misses out. It is simply too draining for the guests to give them to everyone. Please do not think, "Oh it won't hurt if I just ask, it's only one person..." There are no exceptions for this rule. People asking for hugs and kisses will be removed from the event, without refund of their tickets. Be considerate!

2. No inappropriate touching of the guests whatsoever E.g. grabbing them on the bottom etc. This is unacceptable on many levels and once again, anyone caught doing so will be removed without refund.

3. Do not ask self-centred questions. Our guests take questions from the audience during their on-stage time. Ask questions that everyone (including the celebrity!) will find enjoyable, interesting and entertaining. Asking for hugs, telling guests you/we love them, giving gifts and getting into long personal stories etc is not acceptable at these kinds of conventions. It is, in fact, quite self-centred when you are in essence "representing" all of fandom to a celebrity.

4. Please refrain from asking the guests questions about the following: Sex, finances, politics, personal religious beliefs or personal relationships. These are very touchy and personal subjects and can make the guests uncomfortable. Also, should you ask a question and the guest seems uncomfortable about it, or dodges the question, then please leave it alone. They do not have to discuss anything that they do not wish.

5. Please do not ask the guests to remove their shirts or any other item of clothing. We know guests are often attractive and may appear on film or photographs shirtless but this is inappropriate.

6. Try to keep the questions as short and as clear as possible. Speak clearly so as to not confuse the guests (it can be awfully hard to hear in a room full of excited people). Make sure that the question you ask is about something that everyone will enjoy hearing about. Make sure you don't repeat questions. Think of something else if your question has been asked or let someone else have a turn.

7. Please do not ask the guests for autographs and photographs outside the official autograph and photographs sessions, as this puts them in a difficult position. They probably just want to have lunch, look at some merchandise, have a chat or a rest without 'working'.

8. Terms and Conditions for the event will be enforced, ie, rules regarding photography and all forms of recording.

9. And finally, please listen to the Hub staff at the events. They are there to help you and make the event run smoothly. If they ask you to do something, it is for a reason. And the more smoothly the day runs, the better it is for everyone as you will get more time with the guests during one-on-one times such as autographs. This definitely keeps the day excellent and on time. So if a staff member tells you something, please listen and do as they say.