Rainbow Sun Francks was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The son of actor and musician Don Francks and dancer Lili Red Eagle, both of whom are adopted members of the Plains Cree First Nation. Rainbow was an on-air personality at “MuchMusic”, a Canadian music video and variety television channel. His first starring role was in “Stargate Atlantis” as US Marine Lieutenant Aiden Ford. Following that show, his other roles have included appearances in “Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem”, “Lost Girl”, “State of Syn”, “Defiance”, “Slasher”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, “The Strain”, “Upstairs Amy”, “Imposters”, and starred in shows such as “The Listener” and “Eyewitness”. His most recent role was the critical part of Detective Chuck Beamen in the hit series “The Umbrella Academy”.


Outside of film and TV, Rainbow produces a hip hop group known as “The Oddities”, and is involved with a video game website, “Console Creatures”. Rainbow appears at the event courtesy of Gifts for the Geek.