Common Questions

1. This is my first convention, what should I expect?

The Typical Event and Special Functions pages of this section will give you a run down of a typical Hub event. You can also check out our Past Events page for reports and pictures from previous Hub events.

2. How do I buy tickets?

For Credit card payments please visit our iShop, you can find the link at the top of the page. For Payments via money order, cheque or direct deposit simply fill out the booking form located on each event's tickets page, fill it out and email or post it to us.

3. When will my tickets arrive?

Tickets are not sent out until TWO WEEKS prior to an event. Please keep in mind that they are sent via Australia Post and may take a few days to reach you.

4. You haven't announced a venue yet. Why not?

The simple answer to this is that we haven't finalised one. There are many factors that go into choosing a venue and is often done on a case by case basis. If you need to book accommodation we recommend something central as we always try to hold our events in or around the CBD, or failing this, easily accessible via public transport from the CBD.

Note: Venue information can be found via the event menu on the left hand side of every event page.

5. I bought a Platinum or VIP ticket. When will I be advised as to the time, location and details of the special events?

This information is emailed to the appropriate tickets holders no sooner than ONE WEEK prior to the event to avoid gate crashers. Please remember that the details for the Platinum and VIP functions are for the ticket holders only. The details are not to be posted on the internet or shared with other people.

6. Can I be seated with my friends?

If you wish to be seated with your friends, please make a group booking.

7. What are the usual "Standard Costs"?

At any event in the country you will pay for guest autographs and photograph opportunities. As a guide they are usually $30 for an autograph depending on the guest and are usually $40 for your photo with the guest (again, depending on the guest). The photograph opportunities are printed and returned to you the same day. For more information regarding the photographs and autographs please visit the Typical Event page

8. Will there be merchandise available on the day? How do I buy things at the convention? Do the Dealers only take cash, or can I pay with a Credit Card?

Yes, there will be a selection of merchandise available for purchase through our retailing friends. All of them take cash some are set up to take Credit Cards. Be sure to ask what forms of payment they accept before agreeing to any purchases.

9. What happens if the guests don't come?

We will try to replace with another guest from the same property. All contracts with appearances are work commitments and health pending. So if a job comes up, then they can cancel. We try to source replacement guests of similar importance, but that can never be guaranteed. Only in the event of a full event cancellation are refunds issued. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a specific guests' appearance until the actual day of the event (even if they're already in the country, there's always a chance that something may come up); if you only want to come to an event to see one specific guest, your best option is to purchase tickets at the door on the day of the event (should they not be sold out).

10. Why don't you hold events in Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth etc.?

We are holding small events for select fandoms in these cities, namely Twilight & Stargate. As a general rule attendee numbers are much lower in these cities. As we are only able to bring the guests out for one weekend in most cases, we have to go to where the largest fan base is, being Sydney and Melbourne. If we believe an event will succeed then we will certainly try to hold events in these cities.

11. If I pre-purchase an Autograph Ticket or Photograph Opportunity ticket, does that get me into the show, or do I still have to buy admission?

Nope, you still have to buy admission to the convention to be able to claim your photo or autograph.

12. You are pre-selling photograph token(s) on the site. Can I still buy them on the day?

If photograph or autograph token(s) are available on the site for pre purchase then we strongly recommend doing so. More will only be sold on the day if time permits.

13. Can I buy tickets at the door, or do I have to buy them in advance?

You can buy them at the door, only if we have not sold out prior to the event. Seating is allocated by when you purchased your tickets so the earlier you book the better your seats will be.

14. I am in a wheelchair or have special needs, can you accommodate this?

Of course we can! Please email us when you make your booking and we will make sure to assign you a seat based on your needs.

15. Is there an age restriction at your events?

We do not impose an age restriction at our events however, attendees under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a ticketed responsible adult. We also advise that you be aware that some of the shows that we feature at our events are rated M15+ or above and that you consider this when purchasing tickets. Young children are welcome, however, should they disturb other attendees you may be asked to leave the auditorium until they have settled down.

16. I can't attend the event can I still get an Autograph?

We have absentee packs available for purchase in the month prior to an event. The absentee packs include the opportunity to purchase personalised autographs from the guests attending the events. The availability of absentee packs can be seen on each event home page.

17. If I buy a day ticket or a VIP ticket can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can! If you wish to upgrade from a lower priced ticket all you need to do is email or call the Hub to organise the upgrade. If there are tickets available all you need to do is pay the difference between the ticket prices and Hub will do the rest.

18. I can't find photograph or autograph tokens on the iShop are these sold out or not available?

For most events photograph and autograph tokens are for sale only at the event. If there is no mention of token presale on the iShop or on the event's ticket page then you will be able to purchase all tokens at the event. Photograph tokens are usually available as soon as doors open and autograph tokens go on sale at the beginning of the Autograph session in the afternoon.

19. I only just heard about the Hub, how can I stay up to date with all the latest news?

The best way to stay up to date and get all the latest Hub news is to subscribe to our Google Group , get our RSS feed, join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube for event and DVD promos and shout outs from guests. Or better yet, do all five! That way you will be sure to receive all the latest updates, news and notifications of when tickets go on sale. For more information regarding these options plus many more ways to keep up to date head on over to the iHub's Stalk Us page.

20. What time should I arrive at the event?

Seating is assigned so you we suggest arriving 15 minutes before the doors are scheduled to open, as there are separate lines for those who have their tickets already and those that still need to collected them.

21. Can I use my own camera at the event?

Cameras are not to be taken to any of the special functions for VIP and Platinum ticket holders. You are welcome to bring your camera on the day as we allow photos for the first few minutes of each QandA session. Once the MC requests that you put your camera away, you must adhere to this request as it is strictly monitored by the Hub staff. It is prohibited to take photographs during the professional photographs and the autograph sessions.

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