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Frequently Asked Questions

To try and cut off some of the emails about our events, the FAQ is a list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. Please read the answers to these questions prior to contacting the Hub office.

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Typical Event

This section of the site breaks down how a typical day at a Hub event runs. If you've never been to one of our events this section is a great resource to give you an idea of what to expect.

Please note that although we try to stick to a similar format for all of our events, each event is different and the format may change depending on the style of the event, the number of guests and various other factors.

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Special Functions

Want to know exactly what happens during the functions that may be included in VIP and Platinum ticket packages? This page has all the details you need of the typical kinds of functions included in the tickets. Please refer to the specific ticket inclusions listed on the event page for exactly what your ticket will include.

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We've compiled a list of common convention etiquette and rules that we'd like you to follow this weekend when you meet the event guests. Many conventions have similar, though often unspoken, rules for their events. If you are unsure about anything on the day, don't hesitate to ask a Hub staff member they're there to help.

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Code of Conduct

To ensure everyone has a pleasant, safe and enjoyable experience at Hub events, it is important that everyone in attendance follows our Code of Conduct.

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